The irrefutable benefits of barcode inventory management software

When you’re looking to manage your stock in the best way possible, barcode inventory management software is the ideal solution. Barcode inventory management software provides a comprehensive solution to a range of warehouse and distribution needs. Through a cloud-based service, your business is able to manage all of your inventory, distribution and production through a single system.

Barcode inventory management software will help to improve operational efficiency, save you time and money and likely allow for better customer relationships. The benefits of barcode inventory management software go beyond that of simply managing your product better due to three key reasons.

1.     Advanced tracking and look-up

Being able to track and look up the location of all of your inventory and those products that have already been packed and distributed allows you to keep better track of your business operations. Barcode inventory management software will scan in all items and parts that come through the warehouse ensuring that everything is kept track of. Additionally, the barcode inventory management software will collate the data into your single cloud platform to be easily accessed anywhere.

Having the ability to track and lookup stock from remote locations across numerous warehouses will reduce time spent looking for stock and improve production and/or orders for clients and manufacturing.

Through improved manufacturing practices and meeting customer needs more readily, the business is able to develop a better reputation and streamline operations which is able to reduce costs as it frees up employees to engage in more important tasks that contribute to business development.

2.     Multiple bins and locations

This links in with the above point of knowing your inventories location. This is ideal for businesses with multiple warehouses or large warehouse who need to be better organise and categorise their stock. Barcode inventory management software allows this to happen. As everything is scanned into the online cloud system, your stock can be tracked across these multiple warehouses and bin locations.

Additionally, it can all be tracked whilst in transit when you set up the correct bin locations for a given shipment. This can be extremely helpful for customers wanting to know the location and estimated time of arrival of their order. This can help to save time as there is no time wasted searching for the current location of stock and it improves customer relationships as you are able to keep them well informed more often.

3.     Smart pick and pack

This may be one of the greatest benefits of the barcode inventory management software. The ability to store, pick and pack your products in a set order is particularly helpful for those distributing and/or manufacturing perishable goods. However, it is relevant for all businesses as more often than not you want to distribute the slightly older products earlier than those that have just been made. It aids in the stock retrieval process ensuring that goods are packed quickly and appropriately such that all orders are fulfilled in one delivery and there is no lag in the stock retrieval, packaging or shipment.

This helps to save time as there is no wasted time spent searching for stock and the whole process is already planned out as a result of the information provided by the barcode inventory management software. Additionally, money is saved, partly because of the wasted time, but also because there is a reduction in goods being thrown out as a result of deterioration. Finally, as orders are now better fulfilled with the right products, customers are happier. Again, this helps to build stronger customer relationships and builds a stronger company reputation.