What does a public relations agency in Sydney do for your business?

Many businesses see a public relations agency in Sydney just like an advertising business. Unlike an advertising business that buys ads, stories and puts up large marketing campaigns, a public relations agency in Sydney is there to build your reputation organically.

A public relations agency in Sydney will promote your business through editorial coverage. This is regularly termed ‘earned’ media and appears in newspapers, magazines and on TV. Whilst they share the same goals as an advertising firm they operate differently and utilise different methods.

What is the aim of a public relations agency in Sydney?

A PR firm seeks to promote its clients as successful important and honest to the world. Most people know that advertising is paid for by the client and thus they may treat some of the campaigns and claims with scepticism. When to comes to PR, a method that requires third party validation, through TV and articles it can often be look upon more favourably.

Whilst this method may not be suitable for all businesses based on their size, industry and current customer base it does provide a different course of action. It can make businesses seem more professional, approachable and honest leading to better business.

What does a public relations agency in Sydney do?

Whilst the aim of the PR firm is to promote its clients, the role extends beyond this to ensure that the clients are able to get the most from their work. The role of a public relations agency in Sydney is to:

  • Analysing and anticipating public opinion on various issues that may impact, positively or negatively, on a business
  • Consulting on all policy and management decisions and discussing the potential consequences, good and bad, of these decisions from an external perspective
  • Regularly researching and reviewing the mediums used to reach the customers of a given business such that the client is able to prosper
  • Planning, budgeting and organising the efforts that will alert the public about a given client. This includes things like publications and announcements ensuring they appear at the right time and place

How does a public relations agency in Sydney implement these functions?

A public relations agency in Sydney will implement the above functions through the use of a range of different methods. These include;

  • Create and populate press releases
  • Organise special events designed to gain attention
  • Seek information, both primary and secondary, on the firm, its competitors and the firm’s messaging
  • Seek to expand the business’s networks and awareness through personal contacts and sponsoring events
  • Blogging and other copy to boost a business’s SEO
  • Create a social media presence and ensure that this is regularly attended to

A public relations agency in Sydney will help to enhance, build and protect your firm’s reputation within the media and the broader population. A good PR firm will be able to identify those good messages and ensure that everyone hears about it. They will look to take advantage of any slight opportunity so that your business can build a strong reputation. On the flip side, when there is bad media, news or messages being circulated about your business a PR firm will seek to find the positives and bend the bad news to from a positive launching pad.

The ability for a PR firm to take hold of your messages and utilise them in a positive way is the major benefit. Advertising firms require a large investment in order to see returns and it is unknown if it is successful until during or after the campaign. A PR firm is able to get on top of things quickly by building a strong organic presence.