Benefits of Embracing a Skype Light For Your Business Communications

A Skype light might not be high on the agenda for local businesses right now, but if they give this piece of technology a little bit more thought, they could very well buy in.


This is an asset that commercial operations are only just starting to embrace and are most common with customer service and sales departments who need to coordinate their work environment with a greater sense of efficiency.


From missed calls to calls that are interrupted, the bottom line for a business can be diminished if the end user is not satisfied with the level of service on offer.


Questions left unanswered or left to an unsatisfactory level will see them walk away to a competitor, a scenario that spells doom for many brands across the country.


To avoid that situation altogether, it is worthwhile taking a closer look at what the Skype light can do for your enterprise.

Immediate Status Notification


The Skype light will tell those in your immediate vicinity exactly what status of a call you are on. This will tell them in no uncertain terms whether you are available to discuss a topic or to return at another time.


The flashing red signal will tell others you are busy, with a fast flash indicating that you cannot be disturbed under any circumstances. A flash of green illustrates that you are readily available, whereas a blue indicates that you are away from your desk and a white that you are experiencing technical difficulties (hopefully there is little to no need to ever see the white flashing light).

Make It Universal For Business Area


The great news for those that do opt for the Skype light is that it can be ordered as a bulked item and be utilised across each and every desk. Once every employee has been educated about its use and what the colour-coding means as it pertains to the status of the call, then it will be simple for workers or department heads to understand where everyone is at and how busy anyone is at any one time.

Customised For Purpose


There are different types for the Skype light that will be suitable for a desktop, a laptop or even on the go with a tablet or smartphone. From Apple to Windows products alike, here is an outlet that can be viewed as a DIY application where companies from all manner of backgrounds can tap into the same asset on a telecommunications level.


There is also the ability to cater the program to your own tastes and benefits, throwing the green-red-blue-white workstation process on its head if need be. Should you prefer yellow and purple lighting or something that ties into brand messaging, then that can be altered at the dashboard.

Easily Recognisable


Should you have a workspace that has a high volume of surrounding noise, employees who are hearing impaired through a disability or happen to work in close proximity to one and another, then the Skype light is an easily recognisable piece of hardware. With headphones in place or utilising a Bluetooth outlet that lets sales and customer service staff speak without having to hold an item, this can illustrate from a distance what is occurring on a call.

Taking Advantage of Skype Brand


The real benefit of opting for a Skype light for your commercial space is the capacity to extend your relationship with the brand. As far as telecommunications is concerned, Skype remains one of the most cost efficient modes of communications possible and eliminates many of the hassles that are found with domestic telco’s who are known to ramp up their bills.



So there we have a discussion on the advantages of bringing in a Skype light function for your business. Not only will it have everyone on the same page, but the operation can run with a greater sense of purpose. That is all with the help of the Skype light.