How Do You Know If You Have Found The Best Gold Coast Wedding Photographer?

best Gold Coast wedding photographer
Image: Pexels

The definition of the best wedding photographer.

will be incredibly subjective. Some couples like those who go out of their way to make a song and dance about their production, whilst others prefer someone reserved and patient to get the job done properly.


As you run through the names that are on show in the party capital of Australia, it is worthwhile noting the characteristics and features that helps to make up the ideal practitioners in this niche.


Your priority as a couple will differ to other couples, with some seeking value for money, others experience or flexibility.


However you define the best Gold Coast wedding photographer, there will be universal benchmarks that will help you arrive at your own understanding.


We will discuss them right here.

Are They Friendly?


First and foremost, the best Gold Coast wedding photographer will be someone that you can get along with. That will be reliant on their ability to be friendly at all times and under all conditions. This includes zero hostility, confrontation, aggression or demeaning attitudes towards you as the client.


Such a statement might sound like a given for a professional service, yet there are artists in this field who have been known to be less that hospitable to their clients when the pressure is on to deliver. Trust your instincts on this one.

Have They Been Upfront on Costs?


The best Gold Coast wedding photographer will be one who is completely transparent on the costs involved with their service. From the moment the consultation begins, they will be able to communicate what packages are on offer, and any additional fees that will be incurred. The client should be under no illusions or surprises when it comes to the final bill.

Do They Need To Travel Far?


For a city as diverse as exotic as the Gold Coast, there might not be too many services that are based in the city itself. There are more operators circling in Brisbane, yet they are ready and willing to make the 50-60 minute travel down south in order to bring in the business.


As far as you are concerned, the best Gold Coast wedding photographer should be one that is either a local enterprise, or one that is happy to undertake that travel free of charge. This might also speak to their knowledge of the local area and their connections to it.

Have They Showcased Previous Work?


The best Gold Coast wedding photographer will be a company that can illustrate their portfolio immediately. From a strong presence online and on social media to a layout of snapshots at their studio, you should be able to gauge their expertise from a direct look.

Do They Have a Cool Temperament?


As our earlier discussion around being friendly was vital to defining the best Gold Coast wedding photographer, so to is their temperament. This is a facet that does not need the individual to be warm and welcoming, but rather cool under pressure once the day is on hand.


A wedding will see schedules often challenged as the bride, groom and guests all attempt to look their best and perform their duties in a relatively public setting. How the photographer can manage their own degree of stress to have everyone in the right positions and cater to children or adults who are on their own agenda is imperative.



You cannot rely upon hindsight to know if you landed the best Gold Coast wedding photographer. It will require due diligence to check off those vital points that you need for the big day, and if you are satisfied the service has met that criteria, then you can plan forward with other parts of the event.


Plan carefully because the best Gold Coast wedding photographer is out there somewhere waiting for your business.