Why SMEs Are Gravitating To Cognos Analytics

IBM’s Cognos analytics was rolled out late in 2015 as a direct response to market forces and to a less that warm reaction to their previous business intelligence applications. Despite previous missteps and mistakes along the way, the brand understood that it had to get its act together with new cloud-based operations suddenly emerging and taking a lot of the limelight

Enter the new Cognos analytics rollout, a program that promised to deliver on what made IBM such a market leader in the first place, but with a combined purpose to provide a user-friendly, adaptable and innovative application.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have started to understand the benefits of this model once they dig a little deeper, something that is not always considered when thinking about the day-to-day operation of a business attempting to make ends meat.

Here we will run our eye closely over the advantages of this release to underline the major features and benefits of investing in such a program.

Simple To Use

Cognos analytics from IBM, simply put, is easy to use. There are very few details that need an inherent understanding of IT or business intelligence insights to make it work for your business needs. The self service model gives the user the power by allowing them to simply drag and drop data on the central dashboard, something that was not really a facet of the brand beforehand.

Given that the browser is run through the web and not installed from a major software installation process, the overheads are limited and it is simply a matter of logging in to review your status and play around with the reports and data how you see fit.

Visual Analysis

Let us not underestimate the drag and drop functionality that Cognos analytics provides. From the outset, this eliminates many hassles and conversations with the support department at IBM by allowing for a visual representation to take place. Gone are the cold, static and binary reporting methods that were on display beforehand. This is a clear visual model that showcases the data with clarity and is the best modern representation of business analytical software around.

Utilised On The Cloud

Where a brand like IBM were falling down before in relation to their competitors was an inability to be compatible with the cloud. That lag was really costing the business, but with Cognos analytics, that is no longer a concern. With a global reach that makes them one of the biggest players around, they diversified their program to enable users to save, store and access their data on the cloud.

This is now a major asset in their toolkit by overriding the need for large IT departments and infrastructures to be in place. Companies that buy into these packages are able to scale their business model up or down with greater ease and efficiency, something that was not evident prior to this application.

Great For Mobile

Business managers and department heads are not always able to be on site at all times. Having mobile capacity with the help of a Cognos analytics app eliminates that concern as executives and analysts can authour a report from a remote location without having to be logged onto their desktop at the office. This might be a given in 2018 but for such a significant program, this is really important for all operations of a business seeking to gain an edge.

Live Updates

The live data analysis that is run through Cognos analytics ensures that everyone is updated immediately. No longer is there a time lag that places roadblocks on the efficiency of a business. As soon as a development occurs and it is reported on, that is notified on the dashboard.


SMEs no longer have to think small if they invest in a Cognos analytics package. The features and tools that are on offer can now be considered to be cutting edge in a market that is diverse and innovative. Speak to a professional adviser and consider how you can best access IBM’s Cognos analytics.