What Is Involved With Yuko Hair Straightening

With Asian culture playing a more significant role in the West, styles and designs that were once kept a secret are now far more prevalent and widespread. The Yuko hair straightening method is one such example that is taking off in the U.S., U.K. and Australia where services and brands are recognising the value in a treatment that is both chemical in design and organic in application.


Translating to the terms “excellence, superiority and gentleness,” Yuko hair straightening is a means of garnering consistent texture without the need to maintain and condition on a regular basis. This makes it appealing for a number of factors, eliminating much of the hassle whilst securing a look that is appealing all season round.


Here we will examine what is involved with this phenomenon to inform you about the process and the benefits that is carries.

Style Is Almost Permanent


In what could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your perspective, Yuko hair straightening is essentially permanent for those that want to invest in a long-term look that suits them. Once they have booked an appointment and undergone the process for anywhere between 3-4 hours, all that needs to be done by the consumer is to utilise a deep-conditioning hair mask approximately once a week.


Certain beauticians will intend to break down the chemical bonds that would see naturally frizzy or wavy hair remain the way it was intended, meaning that a revert to the original form would take some time. Having been straightened, the roots will grow out and need to be touched up, but it will eventually cater to that style in time.


Nothing in the salon world is ever truly permanent, but consumers who are looking to keep it this way won’t have any issues doing so.

Semi-Regular Touch Ups Required


Another type of method that is akin to Yuko hair straightening is seen with the Brazilian blow dry style. The outcome is eerily similar, yet the individual has to come into the salon every 10-12 weeks for maintenance purposes.

With this style, the conditioning is only necessary once every 4 to 6 months, meaning the customer only needs to book in an appointment twice or three times a year maximum.


One of the real hassles for any styling is the need to return to the salon on multiple occasions to keep the texture and aesthetic in its ideal form. Time has to be put aside and hours spent in the chair can be difficult for customers who have a number of items on their agenda. Fortunately those that opt for Yuko hair straightening don’t have that burden to deal with on a continual basis.

Caters To Other Styles


Whether you arrive to the salon with a frizz, with curls, kinks, waves or something thick and lush, Yuko hair straightening will issue a uniformed approach that will work for all types and styles. Customers are advised to have an in-depth consultation with a beautician as they undergo a process of pre-treatment, the application of the solution, a rinse, an iron and finally a neutraliser that will condition the straightening process.



So there we have a general summation of what is involved with Yuko hair straightening. This is an option that may or may not go out of fashion in the near future and depending upon your own condition and individual requirements, there might be a superior alternative out there. It is advised that you consult a certified stylist first before agreeing to the Yuko hair straightening method, but there are clearly multiple benefits for those that choose this look.