Top Tips for Picking the Best Sydney Wedding Photographer

It’s not uncommon for people to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding; for most brides and grooms, everything has to be perfect. Many couples spend hours deliberating over every tiny detail, so it’s no surprise that people want every heartfelt feature captured in photos. If you’re currently planning a ceremony, you have probably already noticed that there are tonnes of people calling themselves wedding photographers, but how many of them will actually produce beautiful pictures to serve as mementos from the day? If this is a problem you’re currently struggling with, keep reading to find out how to ensure you hire the best Sydney wedding photographer.


  1. Before even considering anyone to snap photos of your special day, you need to decide on a style. There are so many options, ranging from the traditional posed portrait to more candid shots of everyone enjoying the festivities. There will be a style for everyone, but the key here, is to do your research. Once you have a style in mind, look for Sydney wedding photographers that specialise in that particular style. If you love a particular style, do it, and your day, justice by hiring someone who has experience with it.


  1. Many Sydney wedding photographers offer packages, so when looking at pricing, be sure to look at what is actually included in the package. Make sure you read the fine print so you know exactly you’re paying for. The last thing you want is to find out you have to pay extra for things that you thought were included.


  1. Once you’ve found a few different photographers that fit your budget and style, ask to see their portfolio. Any experienced and professional photojournalist will have an extensive portfolio of all their previous work. When looking through a portfolio, be critical and look for the moments you want captured. Did they take beautiful photos of the first dance? Or the cutting of the wedding cake? Also consider things like the lighting and editing. Don’t forget that you are paying for a service, so you need to make sure the photos turn out exactly as you want them. After looking through a few portfolios you should find that it becomes easier to make a decision.


  1. After you’ve decided on a couple of wedding photographers who’s work you like, set up a meeting with them. A lot of people underestimate how important it is to like who you hire. Remember, this is someone who will be there on your wedding day, you need to feel comfortable with having them around and be happy for them to share the ceremony and party with you and your family. If you’re not comfortable with them, the photos may end up looking strained, and the last thing you want is to look like a deer in the headlights. If you don’t gel with someone, don’t hire them.


  1. The final thing you should do before signing the dotted line is look at reviews and recommendations. If friends or family have used the wedding photographer you are considering, as them about their experience. If not, look online. Many professionals will be happy to give out information of their previous clients if you ask, so if you really want to know what someone is like to work with, ask someone they have worked for.


  1. Probably the most important thing to remember is that this is your day, so relax and enjoy it. All you have to do is trust that your photographer will produce beautiful photos. If you have chosen a professional, and you are smiling, it’s impossible for the pictures to be anything short of stunning.