Tips for hiring better people through the right practices

The hiring process is without a doubt a very challenging one for businesses as they attempt to find the perfect person for a given role based on little evidence. A resume, an interview and a reference is all that the majority of businesses are able to go off when hiring.

There are, however, a few simple practices that can be put in place to ensure that you give the business the best opportunity to find the right person for the job. It is about broadening your talent pool and given prospective employees the best opportunity to find out about the available job opportunities.

  1. Maintain an active candidate database

Many companies will discard an interviewee if they do not end up getting the job. There are so many times that a business will have to choose between two extremely impressive people and will discard the person that does not end up being employed by the company.

Many times there will be run-ins with potential employees or people will apply for the role but it is not exactly the right time. It is important to keep these people and their resumes in the database and keep a record of the reasons why they were not employed by the business at the time.

  1. Have a specific careers webpage

This is also about building and maintaining a rich database of prospective employees to ensure that you are open to all of the possibilities. Some smaller companies may not believe that it will add much value as people will not be searching for a role with them. But with the expansion of the internet, social media and automation, people will most likely end up on all suitable career pages.

It helps you to reach more candidates and reach a broader range of individuals who may suit your business. Your database is then also filled with even more candidates through a more automated process that can be referred to and used.

  1. Ask for quick feedback

Knowing the required needs and challenges of both current and prospective employees is important. Just as the hiring process is important continuing to ensure that you are getting the most out of your employees is too. Knowing exactly what the needs of your employees are when hiring them will allow you to choose the best candidate that is not only going to add benefit for the business but that you can ensure will be regularly challenged.