Tips for Buying Your First Double Chamber Bong


A double chamber bong is a great investment for habitual smokers or those just looking for a superior toking experience. The extra chamber means that the smoke is filtered two times before your inhale it, making the experience healthier and less harsh on your lungs.

If you’re new to the hobby or have never had to purchase your own piece before, it can seem a little daunting with all the choices you are presented with. There’s a wide variety of double chamber bongs in Ozbongs and you would naturally want to choose the perfect piece to suit your smoking ability and lifestyle pattern.

Let’s take a look at some tips you should keep in mind when shopping at Ozbongs for double chamber bongs.


Go with something smaller to start with

When you’re buying a double chamber bong, it’s a good idea to start with something smaller if its your first time. This is because the larger, more elaborate pieces are going to 1. Represent a significant investment, 2. Be harder to clean and 3. Will be harder for you to pull smoke from if you’re inexperienced.

The aesthetic curvature and distinctive artwork of larger double chamber bongs can be very tempting for you to go with, but you ultimately won’t be able to use it properly. For example, you wouldn’t by a high-performance sports car for a 16-year-old who has just gotten their licence.

Start simple, see if you enjoy the experience and get used to it before spending a great deal of money. A minor investment of $40-$60 for a starting piece is a reasonable compromise between product quality and affordability.

If you only spend a little bit of money on your first piece, you won’t feel as much regret if you discover the hobby isn’t for you and you don’t want to continue. If you had bought a large, expensive piece and discovered you didn’t like the hobby – you’d naturally feel a lot stupider at the end of the day.


Taking care of your piece

While you’re shopping for double chamber bongs, you should also remember that they are going to be tougher to take care of than a traditional piece. This is because the extra chamber means more is filtered, meaning that more residue is left behind that need to be cleaned regularly.

Using a dirty piece over and over again without stopping to clean it can negate the positive health benefits of the extra filtration. Double chamber bongs are ideal for heavy use where you also have cleaning solutions and tools to properly service the piece.

A larger piece will have removable parts that make them easier to clean individually. They are also useful in case part of the piece is damaged or cracked since the individual piece can likely be replaced.


Experience with smoking

It’s important that you also get an idea for what your smoking ability is so that you don’t invest in something you won’t be able to enjoy properly. A really large piece that makes you cough your lungs out every time you try to use it is going to be less enjoyable than a smaller piece.

Don’t let ego get in the way of finding the right double chamber bong to suit your ability. Just because some smokers have really large pieces doesn’t mean you need to copy them to enjoy the hobby.