Things to Know Before Getting a Scaffold in Sydney


Regardless of whether you need to repair a building or construct a new home, using a scaffold in Sydney is an essential part of the process. The structure works as a building’s ‘exoskeleton’, protecting it and the people working on it. It also assists workers in giving them a stable platform on which to walk and move goods, and makes the building site safer for those working on it.

Read on to find out everything you should be aware of before getting a scaffold in Sydney for your next construction task.

Types of structure

You typically have three choices when it comes to selecting a structure to use in your project, namely:


Structures for commercial use (such as retail stores, factories, shopping malls and restaurants) should be made from the highest-quality materials. Your service provider should be able to help you choose the right scaffold in Sydney for your needs, deadlines and budget. They should also ensure that they install the structure in a safe manner.


Structures for residential use (including single-residential houses and multi-residential properties like apartments, townhouses and units) should be well-made and adjustable. Your provider should assist you with the moving, installation and dismantling processes.


It is crucial that the best quality scaffold in Sydney is used in all high-rise projects (including apartment blocks) and skyscrapers due to the dangerous nature of working high up in the air. The focus is on making sure the structures are compliant and have been tested, and that proper health and safety procedures are used. The structures must be constructed from heavy-duty materials.

Things to check with your provider

Before you enlist the services of a professional, make sure you ask them some key questions to check that they are providing you with the safest solution. Questions include:

Do you have insurance?

Make sure that your service provider is appropriately insured in order to avoid getting into financial and legal trouble in the situation where someone is harmed. If a provider gives you a faulty structure, it should be their liability, not yours.

Is your business licenced?

Having a licence conveys professionalism and integrity, and helps you trust a business. It is also a mark of quality and skill, and may be a legal necessity. When working with a structure which comes at a risk of harm, it is vital that those involved are licensed to minimize the risk of injury and/or legal issues.

Do you work in my area?

Make sure that your service provider can come to the location of your site. Companies that operate away from your region will tend to charge greater prices in order to travel to your area – if they come at all.

Is a site inspection necessary before a price can be offered?

Before you can receive a quote, the scaffold in Sydney company may need to assess the site in person. Others may be able to base their price on architectural drawings. Your budget and time constraints may affect the decision that you make.

Do you place the scaffold in Sydney yourself?

Most service providers will be willing to move, put up and take down the structure on your behalf. This makes it safer for your team, faster and more efficient, and protects you legally.



From determining the kind of project you’re working on to making sure your provider is insured, there are a range of things to determine before you hire a scaffold in Sydney.  Make sure you take your time in order to come to the right decision.