Tactics to boost customer retention

Getting people to from a deep attachment and connection to your brand takes a lot of work and regular attention. However, it is the people that develop this connection that become regulars and almost act as advocates for your brand recommending it to others and using your products in public.

This means that maintaining these top-clients is crucial to the success of the business, but what processes should be employed in order to do so? Is it about constantly offering discounts, inviting them to events or providing them with early looks at the latest developments? There are a few tactics that can be used to ensure that you keep your top-clients happy and boost customer retention.

Experiences over tangibles

Experiences are far valued over money so as a business you should be looking to offer your top-clients an experience opposed to a discount. A simple event that happens monthly or quarterly as a way of thanking your clients is a great way to reward them and also encourage them to engage with the business more often.

Build community

Building a community is a great way to foster an even deeper connection. Post special offers, unique experiences and allow customers to share their experiences with each other through a special platform. This builds great brand equity and makes people feel as though they are a part of something bigger.

Prioritise your best

Your best customers deserve the best treatment so you should give it to them. Give them the first look at new products or the first opportunity the get involved with the business. If a customer needs help with something, prioritise them over others who may not be as loyal. 

Build levels in your loyalty program

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to build stronger relationships with customers and reward them for it. It also allows you to tailor your marketing to each customer. It further provides incentive for loyal customers to continue to do business as they seek higher rewards and a more important status.

Regular engagement

Often businesses will only engage with customers when there is a newly released product or marketing campaign but customers often want a more personal relationship. Stay engaged by asking for feedback on their most recent purchase and offer what you can to make things more convenient for the consumer.  Each engagement should be about improving customer experiences whilst gaining valuable insight into potential business improvements.