How to Prepare for Your Bligh Park Dental Practice Appointment

Preparing for a visit to a Bligh Park dental expert might be simple for residents who see a trusted practitioner on a regular basis.

They are likely to know what the procedure is, where to park, how long to wait, what to read in the interim and how it all plays out.

Yet those unfamiliar to the process might want to know some tips ahead of time to have them ready and prepared.

dentist checking a patient's teeth


Ensure Dentist Has Dental Records

If you are visiting a Bligh Park dental practice for the first time having been situated somewhere else in Western Sydney or elsewhere around the country, it is wise to ensure that they have access to the dental records. These documents will give the specialist a gauge as to what has occurred in the past regarding any surgeries, alterations or treatments, offering a better picture and strategy about future steps to take during the appointment. The greater the transparency, the better they will be able to determine what is necessary and what other medical issues to look out for in the lead up to a consultation.


Undertake a Healthy Brush, Floss and Mouthwash

Given that a Bligh Park dental practice will recommend a general checkup once every six months, that accumulation of plaque cannot be eliminated through one comprehensive brushing session or a simple mouthwash. Yet it is helpful in the build up to the appointment to clear out any unwanted and lingering food scraps that makes for an unhealthy oral state. With a hearty floss to offer a precise attack on those little pieces, the dentist will be thankful for that work because it will require less to do on their end and allow them to see what potential cavities or gum issues are present.


Check Private Insurance Details

Although Medicare might be able to cover some types of basic treatments in certain circumstances, it will usually be specified private health insurance providers who offer tangible rebates through a Bligh Park dental practice. These practitioners and their secretaries will be able to talk openly about what insurers do cover and what features they should be prioritising for the types of treatments they will be needing. Whilst they cannot engage in conflicts of interest or push people to agreeing to a certain brand, their feedback is valued.


Have an Open Dialogue

Don’t hold anything back when it comes to discussing your oral health with a Bligh Park dental practice. From fears and anxieties about what can occur in the chair to concerns about payments or other logistical or medical issues, feel free to talk to them about those matters. Problems will arise when clients keep these fears and issues to themselves, only for that to later emerge when there is no recourse to pull back from a treatment or where a transaction has already been processed. There won’t be a Bligh Park dental practice that won’t have an open dialogue policy.


Confirm Appointment Time

It is of great frustration to any patient to have their appointment booked in with their Bligh Park dental practice, only for them to have to reschedule at a later date because of a backlog of other consultations. It is a rare occurrence and it is the duty of the practice to notify those who have already reserved their own time, but it is still worthwhile to ensure that everything is running on schedule as a final step. Sometimes there will be slight delays ranging anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or two, so ensure that they are not backlogged with other patients beforehand.