How to Find Affordable Rubbish Removal in Sydney CBD


Australia’s largest city is well known for also being it’s most expensive. Rent and house pricing has skyrocketed, the cost of living is high and salaries are not keeping up, so it’s important to save money where we can.

Finding cost-effective solutions for rubbish removal around Sydney can be hard if you don’t know where to look.

The costs and fee’s associated with waste removal can be high. Waste facilities charge exorbitant fee’s even for small amounts of household waste because of minimum load costs.

If you’re trying to get rid of large items such as furniture or mattresses, not only will you have to deal with the costs of removal, but the disposal fees can often be higher than $150 per item.

Throwing your old things away can quickly become an extremely expensive weekend exercise. Luckily there are some great professional companies servicing the city that offer very affordable rates and fast, convenient service.

So how do you find cheap rubbish removal in Sydney CBD?


Use the council services

Firstly, consider using your local council services. Did you know that your local council in Sydney offers free curb-side pick-up?

If time is on your side and you can wait for next scheduled date for local council clean-ups (you can find this on their website or by contacting them) then this might be a great option for you, with minimal work involved other than dragging your items to the curb. In some localities you can call and request that your council schedule a clean-up.

It’s important to note that there are usually rules in place about what you can throw away and when you can take it to the curb. Dangerous or difficult to dispose of items like asbestos are typically not allowable.



Donating your old items is a simple process with services like Gumtree and local charities. Consider listing your items online or contacting services that can help you connect with those in need. Some charities will even pick up larger items, saving you the cost and hassle of moving them yourself. Most professional services for rubbish removal in Sydney are happy to manage this for you.


Contact local services for rubbish removal in Sydney’s CBD

If you’re in-between council pick-ups, moving or just need it gone fast then a professional service might be the way to go.

Professional services can negotiate great rates as they have relationships with waste facilities and often their often sorting and recycle sites to manage your waste. Professional services for rubbish removal in Sydney CBD donate a large proportion of the items that they pick up from their clients and promote sustainability by recycling and reusing where they can.

Putting items back into the community or selling items in good condition allows them to keep their costs lower.

Rubbish removal services in Sydney’s CBD also reduce your costs as they will come to you and this removes the need for equipment hire, fuel and the cost of your time travelling to waste facilities to off-load your old junk.

Not only that, but they are fast and convenient. Not only are they usually able to offer same-day service, but they will clean up after themselves and provide friendly, easy-going service – making the chore of throwing out your old things much more pleasant.

If you are considering using a professional company for rubbish removal in Sydney, we would suggest contacting a few and enquiring about an obligation free quote. This will allow you to compare prices and make the best choice for your budget.